Wednesday, September 16, 2009


  • Member, The Fund Management Evaluation Committee, The National Pension Service Investment Management, 2016.12.23~2018.12.22
  • Civilian committee member, Advisory Council on Fiscal Policy, The Ministry of Strategy and Finance(MOSF), 2016.3.22~2020.3.21
  • Outside director, Boar of Directors, the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), 2012.5.14-2014.5.13
  • Outside director, Boar of Directors, National Research Foundation of Korea, 2011.6.26-2013.6.23
  • Advisor to Monetary Policy at the Bank of Korea, 2007.8.30-2012.1.19
  • Advisor to the Macroprudential Analysis at the Financial Supervisory Service, 2008.2-2010.1
  • Outside director, Korea Housing Finance Corporation, 2009.5.29.-2011.5.28
  • Vice President, The Korean Association of Trade and Industry Studies, 2012.1.1-2012.12.30 
  • President, The European Union Studies Association of Korea, 2011.1.1-2011.12.31
  • Director, the Association of Korean Economic Studies, 2010.1.1-2010.12.31
  • Director, Korean International Economic Association, 2007.3.1-2011.2.28
  • Director and Editor, The European Union Studies Association of Korea, 2010.1.1-2011.12.31
  • Chief Editor in International Economics Division, Kyong Je Hak Yon Gu, The Korean EconomicAssociation, Korea, 2001-2005
  • Editor, Mu Yuk Hak Hoe Ji, Korea Trade Research Association, Korea, 2004-2005
  • Member, Korean Economic Association
  • Member, International Finance Research Group, 1993-present
  • Member, Korea's Official Pool of International Economists, Korea Institute for International EconomicPolicy(KIIEP), 1998.1.1.-present

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